Week 4: July 16-22, 2007

George Davis presenting his geological research in the Dining Palace.
George Davis gives a presentation of the results of his geological survey during the 2007 summer in the Dining Palace. The presentation features a number of new color and computer generated geological maps of the area of the southern peak of Mt. Lykaion that represent the results of three summers’ activity of Dr. Davis at Mt. Lykaion. He has been researching the structural nature of the southern peak of the mountain with specific interest in the location of the geological faults in the area.
Agios Elias festival
Agios Elias festival

We celebrate the Agios Elias festival on Friday July 20 by joining the villagers who have prepared boiled (old) goat for lunch at the Lykaia Fountain on the east slope of Mt. Lykaion. The church of Agios Elias is close to the temenos near the southern peak of the mountain and there is a church service there in the morning before the luncheon. This is a very festive occasion and we enjoy the lunch and the company. Villagers and their relatives come from different parts of Greece to attend this gathering. We are delighted to be invited to this festival and to take part in the festivities.

Work continues and is expanded in the temenos under the supervision of Alexis Belis and Josh Gieske.
Work continues in the trenches at the ash altar and temenos as well as the trenches in the lower sanctuary.

Work continues in the area of the ‘xenona’ under the supervision of Christina Gieske and Maya Gupta.

The pottery is washed in the courtyard in front of the Cultural Center of the village under the supervision of Dr. Leslie Hammond and the washed pottery dries in the screens. We are finding a good deal of interesting pottery this year and we are excited by the quality of the material. Several ceramic specialists have come through to visit the excavation and have confirmed that we have been finding a good deal of early pottery in the fill of the ash altar, including early Bronze Age material. This is very interesting for us as it pushes back the date of the earliest material from the altar (as reported by Kourouniotes) from the 8th century B.C. to much earlier.

Pottery washing and drying in the courtyard in front of the Cultural Center, Leslie Hammond in charge (standing far right). Left to right seated, Rachel Moskowitz, Sarah Linn and Diane Amoroso O’Connor.

Yanis Pikoulas of the University of Thessaly and his team of three students are with us over the weekend. They have as their principle mission the identification of a historical site near the Alpheios river.

Saturday morning we have visits from Jack Davis, the new Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and his wife Shari Stocker together with Mary Sturgeon and niece Kelly. On Sunday morning we have a visit from Jim Wright, Mary Dabney and son Niko from Nemea.

Our Sunday excursion (for those interested) is to Olympia (again) where we know that the guards are no longer on strike. This provides us with a chance to visit the Museum and the Archaeological Site. We also have the opportunity for a late lunch and a beach visit on the Ionian Sea.
Yanis Pikoulas and students at the altar


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