The 2010 Field Season Begins

The Summer 2010 Field Season began with the arrival of over 40 archaeologists, architects, surveyors and specialists to Mt. Lykaion on June 5th. The group, which will expand to over 60 people through the course of the summer, is a dynamic mix of experienced veterans and fresh faces.

After a three(ish) hour drive from the Athens airport, dinner prepared by cook Sam McBride at the Ano Karyes “dining palace,” and a full night’s rest, Wednesday morning began with an orientation to the site and project. See after the jump for pictures of the group preparing the lab and excavation equipment for use and the initial site tour.

Trench supervisors (from left) Amanda Chain, Clivia Zois, Kathryn McBride, and Emily Graff divy up excavation equipment while others watch on from the porch of the Ano Karyes cultural center — the structure soon to become the project’s laboratory.

Co-director David Gilman Romano introduces the group to the bathhouse on the afternoon site tour Wednesday, June 16th.

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