Not All Work And No Play

Each week, daily excavation and survey work takes a short hiatus on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. While weekends are certainly meant to be restful, they are also full of excursions, activities, and family-style meals at local Greek ‘tavernas.’

For the first Sunday excursion on June 22nd, members of the project hiked from the Lower Sanctuary hippodrome to the Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai. The temple is about three hours away on foot, and was perhaps associated to our own mountain-top altar in ritual and/or orientation, is about three hours away on foot. Upon arrival, Robin Rhodes spoke about the Doric temple and its importance in the development of the Greek architectural aesthetic. Dr. Rhodes is a professor of Greek architecture at Notre Dame University, and is currently working at Corinth to stitch photography and digital models into a 3D walkthrough of the ancient city.

From Bassai, the group loaded into vans and drove to Kalo Nero (pictured above, which means ‘Good Water’ in Greek) for lunch and a couple hours of relaxation on the beach.

The next Sunday, the group had the chance to “get to know the neighborhood” with a trip to the ancient site of Lykosoura (which was unfortunately closed), the ancient city of Trapezous (where you can still see the foundations of an orthogonally planned city, pictured below) and the theater and agora areas of Ancient Megalopolis. These sites, along with the Temple of Apollo at Bassai and others, are all encompassed in the proposed Parrhasian Heritage Park. After the local tour, the group headed to the Kalamata beach.

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